The first photograph I can remember taking was of Michelangelo’s Pieta in the Vatican at age 13. The translucent marble, incredible curves and unbelievable grace fascinated and still inspire me.

Photography to me is not just about looking, but seeing!                                                    My work stems from the excitement I feel when I see a possible image and set up my camera to – hopefully – capture it.

Most of my work is of landscape and specifically focussing in on details which might easily be missed.

For example, over a number of years I have taken many pictures along two rivers in Perthshire, Scotland – the Garry and the Tilt. Here over millennia water has eroded the rocks and when the water levels drop, amazing shapes and curves emerge, all reflecting light in their own individual way.

Similarly in Arizona, USA, wind, high temperatures, drought and the occasional devastating flash flood have all contributed to erosion.                                                           Surreal shapes sculpted in this process of weathering hide in obscure canyons or lie as petrified wood slowly emerging as the top soil blows away. 

Close-up photography removes the yardstick of scale, leaving intriguing images that are rich in texture and colour and defy identification.

As any photographer knows, an image, once captured, can never be reproduced on subsequent visits – the light will always be different so each image is unique.



Most images are available printed on aluminium.  This process adds a totally unique depth and vibrancy to my work .                                                                                 Images can also  be ordered as limited edition giclee prints.

Contact me for details:

John B Maher

 john@jbmaherphotography.co.uk                                                                                               www.jbmaherphotography.co.uk